Are you a cannabis or hemp company on your way up? 

I design packaging.

Branding design, sustainable packaging and marketing for cannabis and CBD companies.  

Packaging Design

Beautifully sustainable custom package design, compliant cr bags, hemp CBD packaging, custom edibles, topical, and tincture labels 

Design Studio

Thoughtfully designed logos, company naming services, branding, design for products worth obsessing over.  

Marketing Agency

Campaign ideation & ad strategy for CBD hemp oil marketing, cannabis advertising solutions and consumer insights for small businesses

Website Design

Cannabis websites and CBD e-commerce online shop solutions. Dispensary websites and  email marketing for cannabis 


Let’s get started designing your future success! Woop woop!

Absolutely free, no commitments, ask me anything. 

Your company needs to stand out.

I’m here to help you succeed. I’ve built my Business Boost Systems based on what small and medium businesses need the most to scale and stand out and succeed. 


one size fits most” logo design

You are a one of a kind original, your company should reflect that. 

Everyone has a story to tell, and no business should settle for a boring brand with a “slap a leaf on it and call it a day” approach. I help you discover your unique brand look, so you can go to market with confidence, knowing it will attract the right customer and speak to them. 

boring plastic packaging

You’ve poured your heart into planning your product – it deserves more than a mylar bag and a sad sticker. Compostable packaging, sustainable boxes, recyclable jars. Child resistant packaging for cannabis, FDA compliant packaging for hemp CBD. Creative ideas for stretching smaller budgets further without compromising any of the good looks. 

“it’s for everybody” marketing 

When you market to everyone, you’re reaching no one. Let’s work together to find your people – those who will be your biggest cheerleaders and remain loyal to you. Your target market is out there, you just need to speak to them. They’ll listen.   

YES! I am ready for my company succeed and stand out:

Happy customers:


green bee botanicals

Bridget came to me when it was time for her product, a cannabis-infused line of beauty products, to relaunch to market with a new look, and compliant and sustainable packaging. Winner of the Silver Cup at Emerald Cup 2019, now available statewide, with a cult following fan base. 


Cannabis wellness advocates

Carrie, a cannabis health expert, wants to help others heal their bodies with cannabis products like she did. We discovered her brand’s purpose, and designed the logo and branding based on that insight as well as a website for the consultancy. 

This is a big opportunity for us. The brand look you’ve created for us is a huge part of why this new buyer is reaching out to us to stock the entire line. Thank you. 

, Green Mountain Wellness Blends


jenny’s baked at home

Jenny is a single mom and a cancer survivor. Her line of hemp-infused CBD baked goods, coconut and olive oils and even a CBD toothpaste needed a design refresh, to relaunch to market with a professional look. 



Kendrick’s line of hemp-based CBD products are grown in Vermont. They came to me for a unifying look for the entire line of products, from vapes to topical salves, capsules and pain relief patches. Did a refreshed “quickie” refresh on their existing logo, and redesigned all the packaging, resulting in serious wholesale interest and expansion to new markets.

This is for you if:

  • you’re ready to achieve your business dreams
  • you’re looking for a true partner to guide your journey
  •  you are passionate about your mission
  •  you live and breathe design and geek out about typography, baseline grids, campaign metrics, FDA regulations, carbon footprints of packaging materials and printer coatings* 

*Well, actually, you don’t have to – because I do. That was supposed to be a joke. 

  • This nerd on your right is your designer, Lilli.
  • Lilli has been designing things for over 20 years.
  • When she’s not talking about herself in the third person, she likes to help people. 
  • She loves working with entrepreneurs, female business owners, side hustlers, dreamers and those out here trying to make a difference and give a damn. 
  • You should call her. 
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