Sustainable Cannabis Packaging is POSSIBLE. 

The cannabis industry has a waste problem. Over 80% of consumers want companies to go green, and 71% of millennials are willing to pay more for it. Better options beyond mylar baggies and plastic pop tops exist. 

Who am I? 

Packaging designer for the cannabis industry, with a background in environmental and social justice nonprofit organizations. 

Why now? 

The road to legalization has been long, and it’s been a rough few years. Now we can come up for air, demand better options, and show other states, other industries and the world how it’s done. 

Sustainable, profitable, beautiful. 

Let’s make your packaging gorgeously green. 

Schedule a free sustainability audit where I review your current stuff and suggest some better options:  


Consumers want companies to be green.


Recyclable and compostable options exist for ALL types of products: from compostable edibles pouches to child resistant cardboard delivery service boxes.

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